Let’s Make Something

I’ll start with what I am not. I’m not a coder, I’m not a designer, and I have never done either for a living.

I live in San Francisco where making things is in the ethos – and a lot of premium is placed on people who can “make things,” typically always thought of as engineers or designers. After spending a year teaching myself how to learn how to code on the side, I’m here to tell you: you don’t need to learn to code to be able to make a lot of things. And actually for some stuff, coding from scratch is absolutely not the way to go. 

Personally, I am at my stage of transition where I want to do my own thing next, but haven’t found the right idea or the co-founders. That’s why I decided – instead of just sitting around, and waiting for things to happen this year, I want to commit to becoming really good at making stuff – so when it’s time to press “go,” I’ve got more skills in my toolbox. And I’ll be sharing my journey along the way, project by project, to teach what I’ve learned in my new series – “Make Something.” 

A couple of points here. Making things is not the same as making things people want, or even making things people want to pay for. But you know what, you can’t do the latter without getting good at just being able to make. This series is just focused on things you can make (without code), and once you get good at it, there is plenty of good startup advice to teach you the others. Also being able to make things without code is absolutely no substitution for the need of writing code, in fact there is a greater need than ever in certain areas. You will just realize when you can use what effectively. 

Now, I know we do not have time for a 100 hour course, so let’s do this little by little. Every week I’ll release a video, and all you need to spend is an hour (sometimes even less), and we’ll learn something new. From building apps, to selling things online to making websites, there is a lot of  ground we’ll cover. This series is for anyone non-technical who wants to get better at making things or who wants to execute their ideas faster (whether as a side project or within a company). If that sounds like you, follow along!  

Here is the first video. I hope you enjoy it! 

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