The no-code movement and prototyping products

I spent a few months learning how to code, and although that was super important, and a huge learning experience, it’s still not enough to prototype products as quickly as I want to. 

One of my takeaways from learning to code is that it’s quite time-consuming to do things well. You have to choose the right tool for the job, and sometimes the right tool is not to code. 

That’s why I’m spending the next few months learning no-code tools. Ben Tossell and his work on Makerpad has been a huge source of inspiration behind this as well. 

I’m not a huge fan of extensive idea validation before building I like to prototype, and then iterate from there. That’s where no code tools can help speed things up.  

I’m excited to publicly journal my no-code journey. Every week, I’ll post what I’m learning and how I’m going about it.

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