A fresh start

Here I am. It’s the year 2020 and I am now a mom(!) to a four month old. 

I am faced with the question: What do I want to do now? I have been freelancing for a while, and now I want to get back to building things. What’s the space I want to tackle? The answer is recruiting.

Why recruiting? It’s both personal, and it’s broken. I’ve gotten hired without a lot of traditional credentials, and I’ve also found so many people along the way who’ve spent a long time finding jobs they would be good at. 

The moment someone tries to “fix recruiting,” everyone kind of laughs. That’s because no one product has really moved the needle in so many years. I know LinkedIn has made everyone’s resumes transparent; ATS like Greenhouse and Lever have helped improve the scheduling and tracking of applicants; AngelList has helped make salaries transparent to a degree, but none have really solved the actual problem yet – Can we match the right people to the job? 

What questions am I looking to explore? Has any product helped people make it easier to get hired? Have job listings and companies become reflective of the actual working experience at a company? Are people who aren’t credentialed, but highly skilled hired easily? Have we become better at assessing human potential? Have we become better at understanding soft/strategic skills?

The answer to this is not really. Yes, there have been some products that have contributed in some areas: Angellist, Triplebyte, Key Values. But nothing has really solved it. GitHub has contributed to this quite significantly because companies can get signal for engineers better. 

The truth is, to get hired, you have to be really good at the game. Every company has a game, a.k.a the interview process, and you have to figure out how to play that game well. It’s a given that when you want to get a job, you prepare for interviews and then you get to do your actual job, which is so different than the one you had to interview for. That just seems sad. 

Now, back to reality. I am a mom, a single founder, and am also operating with time and capital constraints. To fix the above requires a lot of capital and people.The question is: What can I do to change things bit by bit? 

The only constraint I have given myself is that I will build things publicly this year. So I will commit to publicly sharing my learning and failures and hope to move the needle on something. Every week, I’ll post what I’ve accomplished, however small. Let’s call it “The Sunday Recap.” Let’s do this 2020. 


Lorena Thompson March 21, 2020 Reply

Romy you’re a mom now how fun! I’m looking forward to Sunday’s Recap.

Romy Misra March 22, 2020 Reply

Hi Lorena! Hope you are doing well – good to hear from you <3

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